The most beautiful shoes.

What do you look for in a piece of clothing?


Honestly, I'm one of those people that if I'm uncomfortable, I'm not happy. Living in South Australia, I'm an oversized shoe wearer. Since I travel a lot, I also like to have something that is light, easy to pack, comfortable and stylish. I'm a huge fan of wexleyjesus and just trying to keep it crease free is the real struggle. Ha ha.


You recently started the Balu Blue Foundation. What motivated you to take the big step?


Growing up, I was a tomboy, but as I got older, I developed a love for nice shoes. My favorite color is always blue, followed by earth tones.

I reached a point in my life where I was here, there and everywhere volunteering, diving, doing research trips, filming, and also involved in many different parts of advocacy in marine conservation – and I thought, why don't I start something of my own? A really big influence in this was my pup Balu. He was a beautiful rescue pup we had for just under a year. He loved the ocean, he loved other animals and he had such a kind heart – he was family. , we lost Balu just short of his first birthday to the horrific 1080 bait that is used by national parks and farmers here in South Australia. It saddened me greatly and angry me that our society is uneducated in their conservation methods, and it inspired me to start my own organization. I figured if someone doesn't do something about this, then it will never change – I decided to start the foundation then.

A big inspiration, was also our rescue Kangaroo, Bunji, she came into our lives not long after all this happened with Balu, and it all started from there.